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What is a backup battery?

Types of Solar Batteries

There are four types of solar batteries to choose from. They have the same basic function which is to store excess solar energy but all of them do have their own pros and cons.
Lead acid batteries are the most common traditional choice because of their reliability and affordability. However, they do need frequent checks to ensure that they work properly.

Lithium ion batteries, on the other hand, do not require any maintenance. Because of this, they are quickly becoming the top choice for solar-powered homes. Lithium ion batteries also last for a very long time and while the cost is still high, prices have been rapidly going down in the last couple of years.
For larger commercial properties, nickel cadmium batteries are the preferred type. This is because of their ability to work in extreme temperatures and the relative simplicity of the battery system.

Finally, massive scale storage would require a very powerful storage system and this can be provided by flow batteries. The technology is still fairly new and the costs are high but flow batteries do have a very large capacity compared to the other types.

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