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Solar systems in Grand Junction

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Why Ionix Solar Solutions?

Your personalized solar system will be designed, installed, and serviced if needed, by a local Grand Junction solar team that will be invested in your business and making sure that you continue to be very pleased with your decision to switch to solar. In addition, Ionix Solar Solutions only uses tier 1 solar panels. Solar energy has come a long way in recent years. It used to be much more expensive, both in the cost of production and in the cost of installation and maintenance needs. Innovations in technology have not only brought costs down, but the quality of the panels have risen dramatically! Not all companies offer tier 1 panels, but the high quality panels offered by your Ionix solar company in Grand Junction are virtually indestructible! These panels are incredibly efficient, consistent, and low maintenance. If you still have worries, these can be quickly alleviated by the most extensive warranty offered in the solar industry today. Ionix has teamed up with the premier solar insurance company, Solar Insure, to provide a 30 year all inclusive warranty. This is unheard of before now, and provides total security for the customer. At this time, no other solar companies in Grand Junction can offer this!


Another important reason to contact your local Ionix solar power representative is that our team will look extensively at your particular situation before proposing a solar plan. A qualified representative studies your home and its roof line and orientation to the sun. He or she will also examine overall energy needs and consumption and the average costs you are currently paying each month of the year for energy. If solar energy isn’t a clear win economically now and in the future, you simply won’t qualify for the program. However when the solar array is specially designed for your personal home and energy needs, overwhelmingly the answer is YES, solar makes sense for you! Let an Ionix solar representative show you how in Grand Junction solar energy can save you money every single month, with savings that increase astronomically over time.

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Let The Government Pay For Your Solar System!

When choosing between solar companies in Grand Junction, another factor to consider is that many companies do not offer purchase plans to homeowners. Instead, they suggest that renting or leasing your solar panels is the way to go and paint a picture of lower monthly fees. As already mentioned, there are some problems with that philosophy that most homeowners will likely see immediately in regards to paying towards an asset, rather than throwing money away. However there are a couple of other issues that other solar companies in Grand Junction may not mention readily, and you may not have heard about them yet. One is that there are government tax incentives for going green with solar. Whoever owns the solar panels, will receive the tax benefit. If it isn’t the homeowner, it will most definitely be the company that rents or leases the panels to them. To take advantage of these tax incentives, the homeowner must also be the owner of the solar system. The Federal Government offers tax credits for switching to solar that can cover the cost of 26% of a Grand Junction solar panel system. And don’t worry if you aren’t able to take advantage of the full value of your solar tax credits the first year. If your tax credits are more than what you owe in taxes, the remainder of your solar incentive tax credits will be able to be applied towards your taxes the following year. It’s time to take another look at solar! Let Ionix Solar solutions help.

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Our goal is to provide local residents and commercial owners to eliminate their utility bills while going green. We started Ionix due to the high demand for a local dealer, not the big box brands. It allows us to offer a more flexible buying experience for our customers, friends, and family.

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